Kickstarter Campaign Ended Successfully!

Last Labyrinth is our first attempt at developing and publishing an original title of our own. We are a game developer based in Tokyo and have spent the last ten years focused on developing games for other companies. The development of Last Labyrinth is going smoothly, but our marketing budget is extremely limited. We hope to reach a wider audience through the funds raised by this Kickstarter project and introduce as many people as possible to the world of Last Labyrinth.

The funds from this Kickstarter will be used for:
1. Promoting the game (PR, Marketing, Events etc.)
2. Producing the rewards

Plenty of Kickstarter exclusive rewards and original merchandise available to show our appreciation for Backers.

*Links to a third-part website

*PSVR version not included among Rewards

2019/3/14 Update:
We (All) Did It! Project Goal Reached, Stretch Goals Added.

Thanks to the help and support from everyone, on the 14th of March, we managed to hit our Kickstarter funding goal!
Words can’t fully express how much we appreciate all of your support. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, and from each and every one of us on the dev team.
As promised, the funds will go towards the marketing and promotion of Last Labyrinth, which includes fan meetings, and of course, producing the Kickstarter rewards. We’ll be sharing more details at a later date.

Next up, we’ve added stretch goals to the project!
The first of these is a brand new outfit for Katia if we manage to reach ¥3,000,000 by March 25th, with a few more in store as well.
From here on onwards, all of your support will help to make Last Labyrinth an even richer experience, so we hope you’ll continue to support us.

2019/3/25 Update:
Campaign Ended Successfully!

The Kickstarter campaign of Last Labyrinth has ended successfully today on March 25th, 2019.
We are truly grateful that it ends with an outstanding result of 16 Backer Missions being cleared. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts!

Last Labyrinth is our first publishing title. In order to bring this game to as many people as possible, we’ve been trying different opportunities, such as this crowdfunding project.

As a result, we’ve been blessed with opportunities to bring Last Labyrinth to people from different countries, and chances to reach various media.
At this stage, we can feel clearly that the fans of Last Labyrinth are increasing, not only because of our backers or those who have shared the information of Last Labyrinth on SNS, but also those who have kindly sent us their messages of support.

Thank you again from every one of us on the development team!

From now on we’ll continue to work hard on the development of Last Labyrinth, while keeping everyone’s support in our hearts. We’ll also try our best to plan various events, so that word of Last Labyrinth will continue to spread further and broader worldwide. We hope you’ll continue to support us.