Concept Art and Character Designs for Last Labyrinth

This post contains spoilers for Last Labyrinth. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Today we are going to share some of the concept art from the initial development phase of Last Labyrinth. Some of the art shows a different game concept from the final version of Last Labyrinth.

Early Development Phase Concept Art

During the initial planning stages of Last Labyrinth, the artists at Amata held an internal competition using Director/Producer Mr. Takashi’s core concept as a way to solidify the visual aesthetic and tone of the game.

Early Development Phase Character Designs

These are the initial character designs for Katia and the Player. During this stage of development, the companion NPC (the prototype for Katia) was planned to have a bag of tools, and the Player was initially going to be able to move the wheelchair themselves. These ideas were changed in the final version of the game.

Character Design Drafts for Phantom and Player

After the direction of the game was decided, the artists were tasked with designing the Player and Phantom designs, as well as the mask design. As development continued, the designs were iterated upon.

Character Design Drafts and 3D Model Drafts for Katia

Katia’s hair and outfit colors were decided early in the planning stage by Mr. Takahashi. Character artist Tatsuma Tanaka was tasked with solidifying Mr. Takahashi’s vision.

Key Visual Design

Last Labyrinth was first shown to the public at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2016. Katia’s design in the initial poster(left) differs greatly from the final poster(right).

The Key Visual Poster featuring Phantom and Katia was initially drawn as a rough sketch on a whiteboard at the Amata studio. Mr. Takahashi explained his vision to the artists, and they drew it on the spot after some brief discussion.