[Important] For those who purchased “Last Labyrinth” with VIVE Flow/VIVE Focus 3

We are pleased to announce the official release of the VIVE Flow and VIVE Focus 3 versions of “Last Labyrinth,” but if you purchased “Last Labyrinth” individually before this date, the automatic update will not be applied.

VIVE Flow/VIVE Focus 3 users who purchased “Last Labyrinth” individually before October 30, 2022, for VIVE Flow and November 8, 2022, for VIVE Focus 3 will receive a new VIVE Flow/VIVE Focus 3 compatible You will receive a DL code for the application. Please use the application form below to apply.

Please note that play data cannot be transferred to the new official release version of the app.

This issue that was occurring with VIVE Flow/VIVE Focus 3 has been fixed in the official release version.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause those who are already playing the game.

*This does not apply to the VIVE Flow version of VIVEPORT Infinity Vista/Standard. Please register/DL newly from here.

*VIVE Focus/ Focus Plus is not applicable.

Notes on the Request Form

  • You will need to login with your Google account to use the request form.
  • The DL code for the official release version of “Last Labyrinth” will be sent to you by e-mail, so please include the e-mail address with which you wish to receive it.
  • A screenshot of your VIVEPORT purchase history screen is required to confirm your purchase.
  • Personal information obtained on the request form will only be used to deliver the new application. Click here for our privacy policy.