VIVE Flow / VIVE Focus 3 version has officially been released!

We are pleased to announce that “Last Labyrinth” is now officially compatible with VIVE Flow and available for sale on VIVEPORT, free of charge to users registered for the VIVEPORT Infinity Vista/ Standard VR app subscription service.

We are also pleased to announce that “Last Labyrinth” for VIVE Focus 3 is now available on the VIVE Business App Store.

Last Labyrinth VIVE Flow Version Overview

Last Labyrinth VIVE Focus 3 Version Overview

For those who purchased Last Labyrinth with VIVE Flow/ VIVE Focus 3

VIVE Flow/ VIVE Focus 3 users who purchased “Last Labyrinth” individually before October 30, 2022, for VIVE Flow and November 8, 2022, for VIVE Focus 3 will not receive the automatic update. Please apply for it from the dedicated page here.
You will receive a DL code for the new VIVE Flow/VIVE Focus 3 compatible application.